The Active Chapter of Gamma-Iota Zeta

Our Vision

The vision of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is to prepare and encourage collegiate men of good character, high ethics, and noble ideals to contribute positively to the world in which they live.

Our Mission

The mission of Lambda Chi Alpha is to offer the best fraternal experience, focusing on personal character development through leadership, scholarship, community service, and positive social experience.

Our Creed

We believe in Lambda Chi Alpha, and its traditions, principles, and ideals. The crescent is our symbol; pure, high, ever growing, and the cross is our guide; denoting service, sacrifice, and even suffering and humiliation before the world, bravely endured if need be, in following that ideal.

May we have faith in Lambda Chi Alpha, and passion for its welfare. May we have hope for the future of Lambda Chi Alpha and strength to fight for its teachings. May we have pure hearts that we may approach the ideal of perfect brotherly love.

TRUE Brother Initiative

The TRUE Brother Initiative is a comprehensive development program that benefits new members, initiated members, and alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha. There are three main components of the TRUE Brother Initiative that reflect the stage at which a member of Lambda Chi Alpha is currently experiencing: the Outer Circle, the Inner Circle and the Mastery Circle. Learn More

Seven Core Values

Developed in 2007 and modeled after the U.S. Army’s values, Lambda Chi Alpha’s Seven Core Values — loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage — provide a moral compass for members of the Fraternity. Learn More

Academics & Awards

Every Undergraduate Brother of the Gamma-Iota Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha has the opportunity to apply for several National and local academic awards. They range in value from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Additionally there are several local academic awards automatically available for Brothers who qualify. Learn More


Our fraternity offers several philanthropic activities and volunteer work throughout the year. Our primary charity is the North American Food Drive. Our chapter particularly has excelled in raising over 140,000 pounds of food in recent years and in doing so has received national awards for our efforts. Learn More