TRUE Brother Initiative

TRUE Brother Initiative

The TRUE Brother Initiative is a comprehensive development program that benefits new members, initiated members, and alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha. There are three main components of the TRUE Brother Initiative that reflect the stage at which a member of Lambda Chi Alpha is currently experiencing: the Outer Circle, the Inner Circle and the Mastery Circle. Below, each stage is explained.

The Outer Circle

The Outer Circle is the first stage of the TRUE Brother Initiative. During this stage, collegiate men are recruited into Lambda Chi Alpha, taught the values of our Fraternity, and participate in pre-initiation activities.

  • Recruitment: undergraduate members of Lambda Chi Alpha employ values-based recruitment tactics to seek out qualified undergraduates to join the Fraternity.

  • New Member Education: new members of Lambda Chi Alpha become Associate Members. During the months leading up to their initiation into Lambda Chi Alpha, Associate Members will undergo training to teach them about our Fraternity’s seven values- Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.

  • Pre-initiation Activities: in the days leading up to their initiation, new members will experience lessons that teach about Lambda Chi Alpha’s ritual that will bring them closer to their chapters.

The Inner Circle

Once initiated, undergraduate members of Lambda Chi Alpha experience the Inner Circle portion of the TRUE Brother Initiative. During their collegiate careers, men of Lambda Chi Alpha will experience, reflect, make meaning, and share various events and activities that help strengthen their moral development. These activities include holding officer positions in their chapter or on campus, participating in philanthropies that benefit their community, taking leadership classes facilitated by alumni and Fraternity staff, or engaging in discussions with their chapter about issues that surround collegiate men. Members of Lambda Chi Alpha will keep an online journal about these activities and the growth they experience in Lambda Chi Alpha.

The Mastery Circle

The final chapter of the TRUE Brother Initiative consists of the various roles that alumni can take in order to stay connected with Lambda Chi Alpha. Alumni can serve undergraduate chapters in an advisory role, through an alumni association, or by being a board member. These positions are crucial to maintaining the TRUE Brother Initiative.