Irma & Clark Morrow House

Morrow House

In 1953 the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House was built on Fraternity Row. While there was hope to build a house on the row sooner, it would have to wait because of high inflation, as well as World War II. In 1953 the university increased the house value range to $150,000 and would finance up to 2/3 of the total cost for the house, at 4%, bank rate, interest. They also had very low monthly payments.

The highly improved financing options offered by the university inspired Lambda Chi Alpha to build as well as Sigma Alpha Epsilon. William Gehron was hired to draw the plans for the new Lambda house. Shortly there after the house was complete and the members soon occupied the house. The house was dedicated to: Alfred J. Johnson ’18, longtime business Manager at Denison; Burt T. Hodges ’20, longtime Treasurer & Secretary Board Trustees; George D. Morgan ’24, longtime Professor of Biology; Harold A. Rosene ’24, Cleveland newspaper executive; E. Clark Morrow ’30, Newark lawyer and longtime instructor of Const. Law; Abe Martin (this from Joe McMahon’s letter – the directory of the chapter [1919-1962] gives Ira W 1935, Kenneth J. 1927, Lloyd F. 1925 all Ohioans).

As time passed and chapter size grew renovations were done on the house. In 1961 an addition was put on in order to make room for 9 more men. Again, in 1986 renovations would go underway in order to spruce up the near 35 year old house. The spring of 1987 brought about the completion of the deck around the back of the house.

In 1995, the administration required fraternities to sell the houses to the University. The house was sold for $200,000 and $180,000 of this was to be returned to Lambda Chi Alpha ten years after the sale date. This money was either supposed to go toward a new lodge space, or to a scholarship trust fund, much like the Howe Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Upon the sale, the house was renamed to Irma and Clark Morrow house. However, because of Clark’s pride in the fraternity, he only accepted this honor after he was assured that the Greek Letters would be able to stay with the house.

Lodge Space

Our lodge space is located in the basement of the Fraternity House, now simply called "Morrow House," named after one of our most influential alumni E. Clark Morrow, on the North Quad of Denison University.

Within the lodge space we have a impressive entertainment system, foosball and pool/ping pong tables. In addition, we also have study rooms, storage rooms, free washer and dryer, gas grill, a two-story deck, private newly-renovated basketball court, and plenty of couches. Because we have the best lodge on campus, brothers frequently spend their time at the house rather than their dorms.

The Gamma-Iota Alumni Association is responsible for improvements made annually to the lodge space and over the years has built the decks (1986-7), remodeled the bathrooms (2002), restored the basketball court (2005), and most recently renovated the old kitchen into a conference center for the chapter (2007).