Recruitment (Rush)

Why Join Lambda Chi Alpha?

Joining a fraternity compliments and strengthens your college education in a way that no other group or organization can. It is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity that presents many possibilities for growth as an individual. Lambda Chi Alpha is an experience based on honest friendship that evolves into stronger bonds called brotherhood. Because of a shared belief that honest friendships promote the best in men, over 240,000 men have become brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. With over 215 chapters in this country and in Canada, Lambda Chi Alpha is the third largest fraternity in the world. Our Associate Membership experience is the most effective education program for achieving the true ideal of brotherhood, which replaced traditional Pledging.

As you go through the recruitment process this year, take the time to ask questions about each house. Remember that you will be associated with these guys for the next three or four years and will eventually be entering into the unique bond of brotherhood which lasts a lifetime. The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha will be happy to provide you with the answers to any questions which you may have.

If you are curious as to why many generations of Brothers have joined Lambda Chi Alpha, Click here to read their stories.

Hazing Doesn't Exist in Lambda Chi Alpha

Become a member of a top national fraternity without the degrading experience of being a pledge. Hazing disrupts the brotherhood bond, and we as a chapter do not see it as a good tool to develop that connection.


Our fraternity offers several philanthropic activities and volunteer work throughout the year. Our primary charity is the North American Food Drive. Our chapter particularly has excelled in raising over 140,000 pounds of food in recent years and in doing so has received national awards for our efforts.

In order to raise more money for the food drive we host Sorority Shanghai, where Sororities compete in several competitions during the week. The highlight of the week is a formal dinner with five girls from each of the houses. Not only does this event raise money, but also strengthens the bonds of Denison’s Greek community.


The most obvious leadership opportunity is to hold an officer position in the fraternity. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Recruitment Chair, Social Chair, Fraternity Educator, Educational Chair, Risk Manager, Alumni Secretary, and IFC representatives are all positions which help run the Fraternity and contribute to the Greek system on campus. Many skills can be learned through these positions and will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Additionally, Impact Leadership is an opportunity available to any member of our fraternity. It is one of the most comprehensive and interactive corporate-style leadership courses available. There you can meet Brothers from other chapters nationwide and gain valuable experience.

Campus Involvement

Our past and current members are represented in several offices and clubs on campus ranging from the President and Vice President of Student Government, IFC Vice Presidents, Honors Program, Musicians, Hilltoppers, WDUB DJ’s, and several varsity, club, and intramural sports such as Soccer, Softball, Flag Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, and Rugby.

Social Events

There are endless social opportunities that occur within Lambda Chi. The largest social event is the White Rose Formal. Our social chair plans a formal dance during the spring semester of each year for our entire chapter. This is an extravagant event with great food, music, and dancing paid for by the fraternity. In addition, we do several social events with other sororities such as Wine and Dines, Bar Parties, and House Dance Parties.

In the spring we plan to bring Watermelon Bash to Denison, involving the whole Greek community. It is a weekend event that is filled with games, music, fun, lots of celebration, and of course watermelon.

We host several events weekly at the house, such as BBQ’s, basketball/foosball/ping pong tournaments, and the Gentlemen’s Club where brothers gather to converse and enjoy fine cigars.

Morrow House: Our Lodge Space

Our lodge space is located in the basement of Morrow House, named after one of our most influential alumni Clark Morrow, on North Quad.

Within the lodge space we have a impressive entertainment system, foosball and pool/ping pong tables. In addition, we also have study rooms, storage rooms, free washer and dryer, gas grill, a two-story deck, private newly-renovated basketball court, and plenty of couches. Because we have the best lodge on campus, brothers frequently spend their time at the house rather than their dorms.


Words cannot even describe the bond that develops between the brothers in the chapter from all of our interaction, events, and relaxing. In every brother of the house, you will find someone who is there for advice, laughter, trust, and even someone to just hang out with and have good times, no matter what the conditions. We consider each other more than just friends, but brothers who are always here to support each other. When you join our fraternity and go through the Associate Member program, you get a sense of belonging from the start, and you will not only experience brotherhood throughout your Denison years, but also gain friends for the rest of you life and become part of the Lambda Chi family. We share a proud tradition and heritage that has been in existence since 1909, and we are all very honored to be a part of it.