Associate Members

Associate Members

Lambda Chi Alpha was the first fraternity to abolish pledges when associate membership replaced pledging in 1972. Since that time, associate members have had full and equal rights in the chapter, including voting privileges and the ability to hold office, attend all meetings and functions, and wear the letters and regalia of the Fraternity. The Fraternity replaced pledge education with fraternity education, which dictates ongoing education for all members throughout their university years. New members are integrated immediately into the chapter. A big brother is assigned to each new member, and he teaches the essentials of chapter operations to the new member.

Associate Member Program

Every associate member is given a Big Brother to aid him in the educational process. Your Big Brother is a chosen member of the house whom you are already close to and share common interests with. He is there to guide and help teach you the operations and policies of the Chapter, and to help you become more comfortable with fraternity life. The educational program is a learning process that the entire chapter goes through together to give us all a background of our fraternity and its history. And no one is ever quizzed or tested during this process to become a member.

Become A Member, Not a Pledge

As soon as you join our fraternity, you are a member of the active chapter, and you immediately gain all the rights and responsibilities of an active member. Associate members are looked at as equals; they are given the right to vote on chapter issues, participate in any chapter events or functions that they wish, hold an office, or work on any of the committee systems that they wish. The equal status that associate members hold in the Fraternity, strongly encourages their involvement in the Chapter’s operations.

Hazing Doesn't Exist in Lambda Chi Alpha

Become a member of a top national fraternity without the degrading experience of being a pledge. Hazing disrupts the brotherhood bond, and we as a chapter do not see it as a good tool to develop that connection.