Fraternity Symbols

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms originated as family emblems, then cities, societies, and institutions adopted them. All college fraternities have them, but few have created their design with such faithful adherence to the laws of the ancient art of heraldry as has Lambda Chi Alpha.

The Badge

The badge is a pearl-set crescent with horns turned toward the left, enclosing a monogram of the Greek letters Lambda, Chi, and Alpha. The center of the crescent bears the Greek letters Delta and Pi in gold on black enamel. A variety of jewels may be selected for the Lambda.

Associate Member Pin

The associate member pin has a most interesting history because it embodies the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu as well as the original new member pin of Lambda Chi Alpha. The original Lambda Chi Alpha pin was a gothic arch, and with the union, this was superimposed upon the triangles composing the official badge of Theta Kappa Nu.

The Seal

The seal is used to identify official General Fraternity documents and publications. It should not be used for decoration, as an ornament for jewelry, stationery, etc., unless it is to be used as the official stationery for the General Fraternity. It is now properly used on charters, membership certificates, and authorized publications of the General Fraternities.

The Flag

The Lambda Chi Alpha flag may be flown on appropriate occasions or placed on a wall. Chapters may place their Zeta letters in the upper right corner to identify their flags.

The Recognition Button

Unlike many fraternity recognition buttons, that of Lambda Chi Alpha is neither a miniature coat of arms nor a display of the cutout letters. It is a special design showing the cross and crescent combined. It is worn only on the left lapel of a suit jacket or sports jacket. Its original purpose was to permit members unknown to each other to recognize the common bond when the badge was not worn or was obscured by the jacket without "boasting to the world" of one's fraternal ties.

The Friendship Pin

The cross and crescent with shield bearing the Greek letters pin was originally designed to be worn by girlfriends of members when the relationship had not yet reached the state of engagement or marriage. Today, the pin also is worn by members who have not purchased a badge, or by members who prefer its design.

The Flower

The Fraternity flower is the white rose.

The Colors

The Fraternity colors are purple, green, and gold.

Lambda Chi Alpha

The Greek initials and English words of Lambda Chi Alpha may be used on a variety of clothing and a multitude of other items.