Gamma-Iota History: 1990-1999

1993. "The Lamp" painting was painted by Tim Sante GI 1138 (Class of 1995) during his junior year at Denison. During the late 1990's and early 2000's it was passed down from High Alpha to High Alpha at Senior Wills. It currently hangs in the house.

1994. On April 16, 1994, the Gamma-Iota Alumni Association passed a Resolution to Honor Dr. David O. Woodyard.

1995. In 1995, the administration required fraternities to sell the houses to the University. The house was sold for $200,000. $180,000 of this is to be returned to Lambda Chi Alpha ten years after the sales date. This money is either supposed to go toward a new lodge space, or to a scholarship trust fund, much like the Howe Memorial Scholarship fund.

Upon the sale, the house was renamed to Irma and Clark Morrow house. However, because of Clark’s pride in the fraternity, he only accepted this honor after he was assured that the Greek Letters would be able to stay with the house.

1997. Fireside Story: The Importance of Foos by Brian Harms, Class of 1997, GIZ 1173


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