Gamma-Iota History: 1919-1949

1919. In 1919 The Sycamores petitioned to become a chartered chapter of The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. This was drive was headed by Eri J. Shumaker and Dudly Dawson. The Charter was approved on June 11, 1919, transforming The Sycamore Club into the Gamma-Iota Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. Gamma-Iota was the 52nd chapter to be founded nationally, and the 4th in Ohio, after Western Reserve, Akron, Ohio, and Cincinnati. At the time of the charter, most of the 92 members of The Sycamore Club would become initiated members of Lambda Chi Alpha.


February 17, 1919 Letter from Sycamores to Shepardson

April 17, 1919 Letter from Cole to Cochran

April 30, 1919 Letter from Cole to Cochran

May 5, 1919 Telegram from Cochran to Cole

May 8, 1919 Petition from Sycamores to Lambda Chi Alpha

May 13, 1919 Letter from Cole to Cochran

May/June 1919 Telegram from Cole to Cochran

June 2, 1919 Letter from Cole to Cochran

June 20, 1919 Letter from Cole to Cochran

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1930. Fireside Story: The Good Old Days by Clark Morrow, Class of 1930, GIZ 149


Chapter Dues:

16 Members initiated @ $30.00 a piece.

Actives monthly dues: $48.00

National Dues: $1 per month

Associate Dues (Pledge) $7.50

1944. When 1944 rolled around “The Ranch” was sold, and the men moved into a temporary residence at 325 W. Broadway known as “The Doll House.”